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House for Listening to Rain (2011)
The Contemporary Museum, Honolulu

House is a place to sit and attend to the garden with all the senses. Nearly all the lumber came from Re-use Hawai'i, and from one house. The stumps were lent by the University of Hawai'i Art Department. Corrugated metal roofing was chosen to remember plantation houses.

This project would not have been possible without much help and support:
Lucretia Knapp
Inger Tully, Aaron Padilla
Special thank you to John Koga for guiding the project and the work
University of Hawai'i Art 400 class: Sonia Castro, Ualani Davis, Gideon Gerlt, Yumiko Glover, Heather Matsuura, Brandon Ng, Aaron Nicholson, Reid Tabata, Rex Vicek, Instructor: Katherine Love
And as always, to my mother Carol Yamamoto, my brothers and their families, Ryan, Jann, Zane, Alize, Reid, Maxine, Aisha and Logan Yamamoto.

Dimensions of house: 7'w x 9'long, 5' to 6' high

Photo credits: Lucretia Knapp and Lynne Yamamoto